We offer proactive tax planning and comprehensive consultations so that you are able to make use of the full extent of your tax rights!

We competently support you in fulfilling your tax obligations:

  • Profit assessment and annual financial statements
  • Corporate income tax return
  • Trade tax return
  • VAT return
  • Payroll and financial accounting
  • Income tax for German BMF and U.S. IFRS
  • Tax statement for the U.S. IFRS
  • ITIN application FW7 with the IRS
  • 1040NR U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return
  • 1099-DIV application if a client does not have a FW8BN
  • Gift tax
  • Estate tax
  • Entry of tax exemptions on income tax card
  • Projection of your tax refund or tax due.
Since cooperation with the tax authorities does not always go smoothly, we help our clients make tax-related claims with the tax office:
  • Adjustment of tax prepayments
  • Waiver or deferral of tax debt
  • Extension of time to file
  • Filing tax appeals
  • Filing complaints with tax courts
  • Support during the auditing process
We provide solutions for proprietary and business management issues:
  • Setting up businesses
  • Meetings involving banks and financing
  • Business management planning and consultation

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